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Summer Vacation

August 2, 2020    Canton, Missouri     




Dr. Mercola - Vitamin D Protects Against Infections


Recipe Corner - Piccata Meatballs


August 2020 Featured Chef - Meet Stacey Venancio


Enter To Win - August $150 Real Food Giveaway


Sacred Cow - Congrats To Diana Rogers & Robb Wolf


Cooking With Carley - Tasty Grilled Chicken + Cucumber Sauce Cooking Demo


Category Sale - Summer Vacation


New Sale Items - Delmonico Steak, Sirloin Steak, NY Strip Steak, Summer Sausage, Leg of Lamb Steak, Smoked Dog Bones and more


Fresh Chilled Beef - Order Before Friday, August 7


Shout Out - Homemade Bone Broth

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"Do not follow where the path may lead.

Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet & Essayist

On The Road Again

It's that time again. The time of year when families are thinking about summer vacations and back to school. Since 2020 has been anything but normal, travel may be slightly different and back to school might be back to the dining room table. Families have a lot to consider this year.


If you are planning a road trip, we have some ideas to make sure you're nourished away from home. Traveling doesn't mean you have to give up good nutrition. US Wellness can deliver wherever you go. Pack a cooler for the car and order heat and serve items to be sent to your destination, hotel, or rental. Our sugar-free snack sticks and jerky make excellent treats for everyone in the car. We'll help you avoid the junk food aisle in the gas station. Call our customer service team (877.383.0051) for help planning your vacation food.


Whether your kids are heading back to school or staying home, make sure you have plenty of food on hand for growing minds and bodies. Our all-beef grass-fed franks, snacks, ground beef, and heat and serve items make simple, yet nutritious lunches. Meals don't have to be complicated to taste great. Remember good nutrition begins with good food choices.


Category Sale | Save On Summer Vacation Foods

Along with our Weekly Specials, you can save 15% on a wide variety of delicious foods in our Summer Vacation category. Now through Saturday, 8/8/2020, you can save on an excellent assortment of travel foods.


August 2020 Featured Chef | Stacey Venancio

Say hello to August Featured Chef Stacey Venancio! Stacey is a full time ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as an ACE Certified Health Coach. She started the Autoimmune Protocol back in November 2015 and was finally able to put her celiac disease, leaky gut, and chronic fatigue into full remission. Her mission is to help make the world a healthier, happier place through food, fitness and mindset inspiration. You can learn more about Stacey on her blog, Real World AIP.


Enter To Win | $150 Real Food Giveaway

Enter to win this Featured Chef Prize Pack valued at over $150. Our August bundle includes delicious products chosen by Featured Chef Stacey Venancio. Our contest ends 8/12. It's easy to enter and only takes a few seconds for a chance to stock your freezer for free!


Sacred Cow | New From Diana Rodgers & Robb Wolf

We're pleased to announce that our friends Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf have published their latest book, "Sacred Cow". This release precedes their upcoming documentary of the same name. Diana and Robb look at the flaws in the current food system and identify some potential solutions. Congratulations Diana & Robb!


Cooking With Carley | Tasty Grilled Chicken + Cucumber Sauce Cooking Demo

Carley Smith is back with another awesome cooking demo! This time Carley walks us through making her Tasty Grilled Chicken and Cucumber Sauce recipe using USWM chicken. This recipe is perfect for a Summer grilling session. Explore more of Carley's cooking videos on our YouTube channel. 


Fresh Chilled Beef | Order By Friday, August 7th

Our Fresh Chilled Beef Bundles are available for a limited time each month and are becoming all the rage for high-end restaurants, dinner parties, and family gatherings. Order your bundle before Friday, August 7 for shipping Wednesday, August 12.


Shout Out | Homemade Bone Broth

Bone broth has become increasingly popular in recent years as it is packed full of yummy goodness like vitamins, amino acids, and collagen. USWM patron Amanda(@byamandaking) shared her homemade both broth she made using USWM bones. Amanda describes her bone broth as "So good. So nourishing. I never thought I’d be making my own bone broth and now, I wouldn’t have it any other way". Thank you for sharing, Amanda!


Tag us (#uswellnessmeats) on your social media posts whenever you have a fresh new idea for a meal and we'll share with the rest of the community. Enjoy!




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Beef Smoked Dog Bones - 1.6lbs
Beef Smoked Dog Bones - 1.6lbs
Delmonico Steak - 14 oz.
Delmonico Steak - 14 oz.
Leg of Lamb Steak - 11 oz.
Leg of Lamb Steak - 11 oz.
Beef Large NY Strip Steak - 14 oz.
Beef Large NY Strip Steak - 14 oz.
Beef Top Sirloin Butt Steak - 6 oz.
Beef Top Sirloin Butt Steak - 6 oz.
Beef Summer Sausage - 8 oz
Beef Summer Sausage - 8 oz


10086 - Teres Major Shoulder Tender Beef Steak - 1.35 lbs

70745 - Fresh Cut Pork Ham Shanks - 1.5 lbs

10019 - Beef Heart - 1.25 lb pkg

10080 - Beef Knuckle Bones - 8 oz pkg

10037 - Beef Cheeks - 1 lb pkg (limited qty)

10055 - Beef Flank Steak - 1 lb

10057 - Beef Kidney - 1 lb pkg

10016 - Beef Whole Brisket - 4.75 lbs

10022 - Beef Brisket Point - 2.25 lbs

18841 - Dr Siegel's 70/30 Pet Food -2 lbs (limited qty)

18851 - Dr Siegel's 85/15 Pet Food - 2 lbs (limited qty)

82040 - Organic Turkey Breast Cutlets - 4 (5 oz) cutlets

77004 - Ribeye Pork Chop - 16 oz

Vitamin D Protects Against Infections


By Dr. Mercola


If you don’t know your vitamin D level, getting your blood tested to find out is one of the most important steps you can take to support good health. Low levels of vitamin D are linked to a host of physical and mental problems, while optimal levels protect against chronic disease and infection...



grassfed beef sirloin

Beef Top Sirloin Butt Steak


"Tastes Amazing!!"




"These are definitely on the leaner side but have great taste and for the price you can't beat the quality!!"


~ Mark, Nevada

meatballs, ground beef

Photo & Recipe Courtesy of Stacey Venancio

Piccata Meatballs


Recipe by: August Featured Chef Stacey Venancio


One of our favorite ways to use ground meat is by making meatballs! Meatballs are so much of a fan favorite around here that we even offer pre-cooked Adobo Meatballs as a product for our patrons. If you have a little time to cook, we suggest trying this delicious Piccata Meatball recipe by August Featured Chef Stacey Venancio. Just looking at the recipe photo you know this one is going to be yummy. 


A special thank you to Stacey for sharing this with us. You can learn more about Stacey on the Discover Blog or Stacey's blog, Real World AIP.



grassfed steak

These content cattle are grazing in shoulder high mixed species forage that has been at rest for over 60 days. There is plenty of magic going on above and below the soil surface. Long rest periods enable plant roots to drill deeper into Mother Earth storing carbon, and releasing stored minerals of phosphorus and potassium into plant available form. This is how native prairie soils were formed over millennia. As a world body, several soil experts have beat the drum, we have about 100 years of topsoil left. It is mission critical that systems like the one pictured above be employed in the temperate areas of the world.


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