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grassfed beef

July 26, 2020    Canton, Missouri     




Dr. Sears - Can "Light Waves" Help Treat Alzheimer's?


Kelley Herring - Concerned About Inflammation? Add Six Grams Of This To Your Meals


Recipe Corner - Whole30 Breakfast Casserole


Contest Winner - $150 Food Bundle


Cooking With Carley - Grilling Kabobs


On The Farm - Nourish


Trust Pilot Reviews - See What Others are Saying, Leave Feedback Of Your Own


New Sale Items - 85% Lean Ground Beef, Tenderloin Kabobs, Ribeye, NY Strip, Sirloin Roast, All-Beef Franks


Shout Out - Rocking Steak, Eggs, and Liverwurst Trio

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Inside this issue, you'll find a special red-letter discount code just for you. It's a great opportunity to save 15% store-wide on all-natural, grass-fed beef, lamb, and bison, pasture raised goat and heirloom pork, wild-caught seafood, pastured poultry and more...offer good now through Wednesday, July 29th.


It's so easy to save on all-natural foods!

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Old-Fashioned Break Fast

We all fast. If you sleep, you fast. During that time when we're sleeping, we're fasting. Our bodies use sleep to renew and reinvigorate, heal, detoxify and rest. This is the cycle of intermittent fasting at work. The idea is nothing new. It's as old as time. Ancient cultures employed fasting for a variety of reasons. The Greek physician, Hippocrates, wrote that fasting is a useful treatment for sickness. You could argue that with our cultural reliance on processed factory foods, nutrient depletion, and environmental concerns, our bodies have a lot of work to do recovering and healing. 


While the term "breakfast" appears to have been coined in the mid-1400's, the act of "breaking a fast" has been around since man. Throughout time, some have their first meal of the day early and others wait till later in the day. There's always been some disagreement about which is better. Since every body is unique, we'll leave that up to you. At mealtime though, make sure you're eating nutritious foods so your body is properly equipped to handle the day.


Here are some tasty suggestions for breaking fast, whatever time of day that may be for you:

1. Our 3 oz Filet Mignon is perfectly portioned for a light meal. A dollop of grass-fed butter to melt over the filet and an avocado is sheer delight.

2. Eggs from free range, pasture raised hens are always a good choice. Add some Sugar-free Bacon or Sausage and you've got a winner.

3. For a lighter fare, our Beef Pemmican Bars or some Liverwurst along with a slice of grass-fed Cheese, and blueberries can be a nutrient dense meal.


Check out our Breakfast Favorites category for even more delicious choices.


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- Read the complete Dr. Al Sears' article.

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- Code expires this Wednesday at midnight.

- Applies to any order under 40 lbs.

- Excludes sale items, volume discounts, and e-gift cards.


Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to items already on sale or discounted, and cannot be applied to previous orders.


On The Farm | Nourish

Get a glimpse of life on the farm in the following short video segments we have on youtube. Follow cattle rancher and US Wellness owner John Wood into the pasture for up close footage of the cattle and biodiversity in action. Find out what makes our food more nutritious & delicious in our video from the cattle farm in southern Alabama. Then go back to Missouri for a look at our facilities and farms in Canton. Listen to US Wellness owners talk about how the business began and visit Crane's Farmhouse Restaurant that serves US Wellness' grass-fed and pasture raised foods.


Cooking With Carley | Grilling Kabobs

One of our favorite summertime grilled foods has to be kabobs. Kabobs can be so versatile, they're really an ideal food for nearly anyone. Try these with chicken, beef, bison, lamb, or any combination. Choose your favorite veggies to spear along with the meat, grill and you have yourself a taste treat! Watch as Carley demonstrates how to grill these summertime delicacies. Enjoy!


Trust Pilot Reviews

Did you know we now offer a place for our patrons to review our service and products? If you have time and would like to leave us feedback, please visit Trust Pilot review center. Thank you to the patrons who have already left kind reviews and constructive feedback.


Contest Winner | $150 Fresh Food Bundle

Our contest for July has been decided. Congratulations to Josiah F. of Leander, Texas. Josiah will receive a big bundle of delicious including: Ribeye, Chuck Roast, Meatballs, Franks, Filet Mignon and much, much more!


Watch this space for more opportunities to win coming up soon!


Shout Out | Steak, Eggs, and Liverwurst Trio

USWM patron and rock guitarist, Brian (@forsythe.brian), shared his plate loaded with a delicious trio of steak, eggs, and liverwurst. Liverwurst is a staple in many of Brian's meals. Our organ sausages, liverwurst and braunschweiger, are a fan-favorite among our patrons. The organ sausages are packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. The one-pound rolls are ready to eat, just thaw and enjoy!


If you'd like to share your favorite food, family gathering or unboxing, tag us with #uswellnessmeats and you may be featured in our newsletter too.




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Beef Sirloin Ball Cap Roast - 2.5 lbs
Beef Sirloin Ball Cap Roast - 2.5 lbs
Beef Tenderloin Kabobs - 1 lb.
Beef Tenderloin Kabobs - 1 lb.
Plain Beef Franks - 6 franks (1lb pkg)
Plain Beef Franks - 6 franks (1lb pkg)
Petite NY Strip Steak - 8 oz.
Petite NY Strip Steak - 8 oz.
Beef Petite Ribeye Steak - 8 oz
Beef Petite Ribeye Steak - 8 oz
85% Lean Ground Beef - 1 Lb. package
85% Lean Ground Beef - 1 Lb. package


10042 - Beef Summer Sausage - 8 oz

10092 - Beef Suet - 5 lb.

20203 - Lamb Arm Chops - 2 (7.5oz) chops

20294 - Lamb Suet - 2 lbs.

70751 - Sugar Free Canadian Pork Bacon Ends - 1 lb.

70752 - Sugar Free Canadian Pork Bacon Slices - 1 lb.

88008 - Pasture-raised Chicken Breasts - 1 lb.

88076 - Whole Spatchcock Chicken - 2.5 lbs

31354 - Raw Grass fed Unsalted Cheddar - 10.5 oz

31360 - Raw Grass fed Farmers Cheese - 10.5 oz

77011 - Mangalitsa Pork Lard - 1.5 lbs.

Can "Light Waves" Help Treat Alzheimer's?

(Red Letter Discount Code In This Article)


By Dr. Al Sears


Recently, the drug company Biogen pulled out of two clinical trials for potential Alzheimer’s drugs. In total, that’s more than 200 failed attempts for Big Pharma. Without drugs to prescribe, doctors feel helpless.


But what if a simple, non-drug therapy could ease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s? Today, I’ll show you how a unique “light wave” therapy shows promise for Alzheimer’s disease...



kabobs, grass-fed

Beef Tenderloin Kabobs






"We truly enjoy this meat! It's fantastic not only for Kabobs but just as wonderful as a fast tender juicy stir fry meal. We just couldn't be happier with the flavor/texture as well as all the health benefits of eating grass fed and finished meats. THANK YOU US WELLNESS MEATS!"


~ Barbara, Michigan

Concerned About Inflammation? Add Six Grams Of This To Your Meals


By Kelley Herring


When you hear the word “inflammation”, you might imagine stiff joints and sore muscles… or the redness, warmth and swelling that you experience around an injury.


In fact, the word itself comes from the Latin, “inflammatio” – to set on fire. Inflammation is also at work when a fever raises your core body temperature. The inflammatory response can also help your body neutralize and destroy harmful pathogens, damaged cells and other chemical and biological irritants...



grass-fed beef, casserole

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Heather Brown, My Life Well Loved

Whole30 Breakfast Casserole


By Heather Brown


It’s always the easy, yet delicious dishes that families seem to work into their menu most frequently. This is especially true for breakfast, as most families are often dealing with the morning rush around. July 2020 Featured Chef Heather Brown‘s Whole30 Breakfast Casserole is the yummy answer to this problem!


“Eric and I had this whole30 breakfast casserole for the first time a few years ago at our friends’ house in Arizona when we were visiting for their wedding. This whole30 breakfast casserole recipe made such an impression that I remembered it years later! AND y’all know I’m all about EASY whole30 meals so this one fits the bill because it’s a cook once, and eat it all week situation.”



grass-fed steaks

A bonanza growing season for forage is abundantly obvious in this photo. It's a salad bar deluxe with a variety of menu items to pick from. One of the oldest and most nutritious plants in the native prairie was Eastern Gamma Grass. This is the tall foreground plant showing all stages of seed development from flower to the most unusual seed in the plant community. In the 1800's, it was abundant and nick-named the ice cream plant by the first pioneers. Unfortunately it does not stand continual grazing and slowly wiped out. The 21st century managed rest cycles is bringing it back from old root stock in the soil. You will see it growing along many roads in Missouri with its distinct seed head. Diversity is the key to success in the grazing industry and this pasture is full of diversity.


Follow us on our Youtube Channel for videos on the farm, cooking demos, product reviews, and more!

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