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June 28, 2020    Canton, Missouri     




Dr. Sears - Can Your Gut Make You Mentally Ill?


Kelley Herring - Discover The "Odd" Fat That Could Slash Your Risk For Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome


Featured Chef Inspiration - Recipes For Every Taste Preference


Recipe Corner - Italian Style Meatloaf


On The Farm - Nourish


Shipping Updates - Back To Normal


Trust Pilot Reviews - See What Others are Saying, Leave Feedback Of Your Own


June Giveaway Winner Announced - Who Was The Lucky Winner?


New Sale Items - 85% Lean Beef Patties, Beef Thin Sirloin Keto Steaks, Beef BNLS Short Ribs, Striploin Primal (DIY Steaks)


Shout Out - Simple = Better Roasted Chicken

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- Save With Your Special Discount Code - 

Inside this issue, you'll find a special red-letter discount code just for you. It's a great opportunity to save 15% store-wide on all-natural, grass-fed beef, lamb, and bison, pasture raised goat and heirloom pork, wild-caught seafood, pastured poultry and more...offer good now through Wednesday, July 1st.


It's so easy to save on all-natural foods! Find the code, fill your cart, enter the code at checkout...Easy!


Nourish & Heal

For those of us who enjoyed Chemistry class in highschool and/or college, it's fun to consider all of the amazing ways chemicals can be mixed to create new formulas for this or that. How many wonderful ways has science given us to improve our lives? One thing you might remember from Chemistry class though...some chemicals don't play well together! Sure when you're a teenager it might be fun to experiment, but there's always that niggling little thought that..."this could blow up in my face". 


Today, Chemistry plays an integral part in factory food production. For years, we've been told these artificial foods are an economical, safe, even nutritious substitute for real food. The more we learn about food, the more we realize how much it effects our wellbeing. It's not just energy producing calories. Fake food may be cheaper, but the price in health related expenses later can be costly...boom! 


As it turns out, nature does a pretty good job of producing affordable, healthy foods without help from a laboratory. The best food choices will almost always be the ones that get you closer to nature. Simple, clean, whole foods with fewer ingredients have all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need for nourishment and to encourage healing. Literally everything we eat has an impact, positive or negative, on our mind and body. Keep it simple and enjoy all of the goodness nature has to offer! If you're craving a thick, juicy steak, burgers, chops, ribs, or wings, you still have time to order farm fresh food for July 4th grilling. Use your special discount code and you'll save 15%.


Shipping Updates | Normal Shipping Schedule

As many of our patrons know, the last few months have been unprecedented. After several months of shipping delays, we are happy to announce we have returned to our normal shipping schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to catch up. Orders placed Sunday - 10AM Wednesday will be shipped the same week. Orders placed after 10AM Wednesday will be shipped Monday.


June Giveaway Winner Announced | Who Was The Lucky Winner?

Every month, our patrons can win a prize pack filled with $150 of delicious meat. This month the lucky winner is Becky D. of Chandler, Arizona. Congratulations Becky! A new giveaway starts, July 1st. Don't miss your chance to stock your freezer for free.


Save 15% Storewide Details

Save 15% store-wide during our 96-hour red letter discount code sale. Your special 15% off code is located in Dr. Sears' article.


- Read the complete Dr. Al Sears' article.

- Find the "red" bolded 4-Letter code word spelled out in order.

- Code expires this Wednesday at midnight.

- Applies to any order under 40 lbs.

- Excludes sale items, volume discounts, and e-gift cards.


Please note that discount codes cannot be applied to items already on sale or discounted, and cannot be applied to previous orders.


On The Farm | Nourish

Get a glimpse of life on the farm in the following short video segments we have on youtube. Follow cattle rancher and US Wellness owner John Wood into the pasture for up close footage of the cattle and biodiversity in action. Find out what makes our food more nutritious & delicious in our video from the cattle farm in southern Alabama. Then go back to Missouri for a look at our facilities and farms in Canton. Listen to US Wellness owners talk about how the business began and visit Crane's Farmhouse Restaurant that serves US Wellness' grass-fed and pasture raised foods.


Trust Pilot Reviews

Did you know we now offer a place for our patrons to review our service and products? If you have time and would like to leave us feedback, please visit Trust Pilot review center. Thank you to the patrons who have already left kind reviews and constructive feedback.


Featured Chef Inspiration | Recipes For Every Taste Preference

Every month we look forward to announcing a new Featured Chef! Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity for a variety of great chefs to share their favorite recipes with us. Each chef has had a personal connection to food and how proper nutrition has changed their life. Using their tips and tricks, we have been able to create some delicious dishes. The best part is that their recipes can be found on Discover Blog forever. You can always refer back if you need a little recipe inspiration. Some of the topics you can expect are keto, paleo, kid-friendly, Instant Pot, offal recipes, and so much more.


Shout Out | Simple = Better Roasted Chicken

Sometimes simple is best. USWM patron @inspiringketobyshari, shared her simple roasted chicken with lemon, salt, and herbs. Using minimal added flavoring allows for the USWM chicken to really shine. Shari says "Eating keto and whole, nutritious, organic foods not only nourishes your body and soul but also promotes lifespan and longevity." We agree! Treat your body kind by choosing nutritious foods to fuel your needs. 


If you'd like to share your favorite food, family gathering or unboxing, tag us with #uswellnessmeats and you may be featured in our newsletter too.




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Beef Thin Sirloin Keto Steaks -  1 lb
Beef Thin Sirloin Keto Steaks - 1 lb
Whole Primal Beef Ribeye - 6.25 lbs.
Whole Primal Beef Ribeye - 6.25 lbs.
Boneless Beef Short Ribs - 2 (8oz) ribs (1lb total)
Boneless Beef Short Ribs - 2 (8oz) ribs (1lb total)
85% Lean Beef Patties - 2 (6 oz) patties
85% Lean Beef Patties - 2 (6 oz) patties


10053 - Beef Inside Skirt Steak - 1 lb

10068 - Beef Stir Fry - 1 lb pkg

10993 - Beef Pemmican Regular Bar

10994 - Beef Pemmican Honey/Cherry Free Bar

10995 - Salt Free Beef Pemmican Bar

82070 - Chicken Chorizo Sausage - 1 lb pkg

88045 - Pasture Raised Ground Chicken - 1 lb pkg

10016 - Beef Whole Brisket - 4.75 lbs

18002 - Whole Primal Beef Ribeye - 6.25 lbs

12206 - Hickory Smoked Sugar Free Beef Brats - 1.25 lbs

30331 - Pure Indian Foods Organic Grass-fed Cultured Ghee - 14 oz 

31358 - Raw Aged Grass-fed Mozzarella - 10.5 oz

18066 - Whole Primal Beef Tenderloin - 2.75 lbs

70742 - Sugar-free Pork Belly Diced - 1 lb pkg

77048 - Fresh Skin-On Pork Belly - 4 lbs

70761 - Sugar-free Pork Bacon Slices - 1.5 lb pkg

Can Your Gut Make You Mentally Ill?

(Red Letter Discount Code In This Article)


By Dr. Al Sears


Years ago, a group of researchers started referring to the human gut as a “second brain.” They discovered a relationship between the health of the digestive tract and headaches, stress, depression, and even cognitive decline.


Turns out, there’s “brain tissue” in your gut… it’s known as the enteric nervous system.



ground beef, grass-fed

75% Lean Ground Beef - 1 LB


"I love this ground beef!"




"I use it to make excellent meat loaf, and wonderful tiny Italian meatballs for my organic, homemade spaghetti sauce. I will continue to order this ground beef, as well as the 85% lean beef. I love both of them in the 1 lb. package as well as the patties."


~ Donna, Arkansas

Discover The "Odd" Fat That Could Slash Your Risk For Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome


By Kelley Herring


For decades, the “Diet Dictocrats” in government and mainstream medicine have provided nutrition recommendations which have led us away from our ancestral way of eating.


They recommended that farm-fresh butter should be replaced by margarine or “oleo”. Vegetable oil replaced traditional animal fats, including lard, tallow and duck fat. The “dangerous” tropical fats – including coconut oil and palm oil were also to be avoided. Whole eggs with bright orange yolks were swapped for watery, low-nutrient whites. And full-fat yogurt, sour cream, cheese and other dairy products were replaced by “light” and “skim” versions.


So, how have these recommendations panned out?



grass-fed beef, meatloaf

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Veronica Culver of The Enchanted Cook

Italian Style Meatloaf


By Veronica Culver


Just because you are living a low-carb lifestyle, does not mean you have to miss out on delicious classics. Thankfully, Veronica Culver is here to save the day with a Low Carb Italian Style Meatloaf recipe.


“I never get tired of meatloaf. There are endless ways to theme it, but one of my favorites is Italian style. And let me just say that any time I can get Italian AND it’s low carb, I’m a happy camper.  Therefore, I make my meatloaf (and meatballs for that matter) sans any kind of breading or starchy filler – it’s simply not needed."


Our thanks to June Featured Chef Veronica Culver for sharing this delicious recipe. Check out The Enchanted Cook where you can find more of Veronica's low carb recipes.



with John Wood

grass-fed steaks

Contentment reigns in this photo. These spring planted oats are dripping with stored solar energy as they enter the flowering process. The lower story of this field offers a nice selection of grasses and buckwheat under the oat canopy. The energy level provided by this current diet allows us to observe nearly daily growth. Almost 50% of this forage is being implanted into the soil via hoof action which ignites the soil biology below ground into soil carbon storage zealots.


Follow us on our Youtube Channel for videos on the farm, cooking demos, product reviews, and more!

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