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grassfed beef, pasture raised turkeys

November 8, 2020    Canton, Missouri     




Dr. Mercola - Immune Boosting Foods To Help Fight The Flu


Recipe Corner - Easy Grilled Beef Heart


Product Feature - Pasture Raised Turkey


November Featured Chef - Meet Ashleigh VanHouten


Enter To Win - $150 Nose To Tail Giveaway


Surprise Giveaway - Follow Primal Palate's Instagram For Details Coming Soon!


Workshop/Funshop - Learn Spartan Mind Strength


Pinterest - Eat Healthy Forum


New Sale Items - Beef Gelatin, Chicken Chorizo Sausage, Keto Beef, Ground 55% Lean, Delmonico Steak, Bone-In Tenderloin Filet, Pork Brats and More


Category Sale - Save A Bundle On Whole30 Approved


It Takes Guts - New Organ Meat Cookbook


Shout Out - Primal Ribeye

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"Ultimately, the only wealth that can sustain any community, economy or nation is derived from the photosynthetic process - green plants growing on

regenerating soil."

- Allan Savory, Zimbabwean Ecologist & Holistic Livestock Farmer

Spinning Blue Marble

For thousands of years, nature practiced it's own form of regenerative farming with few outside influences. Bison and other herbivores grazed on prairies bristling with life above and below the soil. The suns rays were collected and converted to energy by the plants along with atmospheric carbon, offering a rich food source for grazing animals. The critters working 24/7 under the ground are unseen but vitally important to the mix too and the animals themselves added composting, pruning and fertilizer to this sustainable environment. This natural process went on uninhibited for generations.


In many parts of the world, desertification, dust bowls, and fresh water scarcity are becoming all too common. Land management becomes a vital component to bringing these areas back and it works when given a chance. Regenerative farming is an effort to bring nature back into balance. With an eye toward healing the lands, and good stewardship, small farms are seeing success with a holistic approach. US Wellness family farm partners are enjoying the benefits of richer soils, water retention, and far less erosion. Animals are allowed to graze on green pastures that are given time to rest and re-grow. Pesticides and herbicides that destroy life above and below the soil are eliminated and nature does it's own pest management. Animals are far healthier being allowed to graze natural habitats without the stresses of confinement. They feast on green plants that ruminant animals are designed to eat, making them less likely to have health problems related to pH imbalances. The end result is that we can be confident in leaving this spinning blue marble we live on, just a little better than it was. The next generation will have clean water, fresh air, and nutritious foods. Of course it's not completely altruistic...we get to enjoy the flavor and nutrition of grass-fed, grass-finished, and pasture raised meats along the way. It's truly win-win-win...for us, the next generation, and the planet. Thanks to all those who support our efforts to change farming and food trends. We can't do it without YOU!


Product Feature | Pasture Raised Turkey

The savory smells of roasting turkey add to the fond memories of holidays with family and friends. US Wellness partners with sustainable family farms to bring you the highest quality pasture raised turkey available. These farms meet strict guidelines for pastured, free-range birds. If you are looking for a holiday favorite, you have come to the right place.


November 2020 Featured Chef | Ashleigh VanHouten

We are excited to have Ashleigh VanHouten as our November Featured Chef. Ashleigh is the host of the Muscle Maven Radio podcast and a fitness consultant. She is passionate about organ meats and offers several great offal recipes in her cookbook, It Takes Guts. Stick around as we will be sharing a few of her recipes in our newsletters this month!


Enter To Win | $150 Nose To Tail Giveaway

It's giveaway time! Enter to win for your chance to claim the $150 Nose To Tail Prizepack. This month's prize pack includes Featured Chef Ashleigh VanHouten's favorites such as Beef Liverwurst, Pasture-Raised Chicken Wings, Petite NY Strip Steak, and so much more!


Surprise Giveaway | Follow Primal Palate's Instagram For Details

Coming soon, a chance to share something delicious with your family! Follow our friends at Primal Palate on Instagram for details!


Workshop/Funshop | Learn Spartan Mind Strength

Past Featured Chef Tim Ganley and Vie Binga are hosting "Funshops" at their Yoga Energy Studio in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. These will be 2 hr workshops on topics like Ayurvedic Bone Broth, Ayurvedic Ghee, and Ayurvedic Lard. For more info, check out the details.


Pinterest | Eat Healthy Forum

If you haven't visited our Pinterest board, we invite you to check it out. We have a collection of useful pins on everything from Party Food and Healthy Holiday Food, to gut healthy Bones and Broth. If you're on a Whole30 diet, we also have a plethora of Whole30 Approved recipes posted. Hope to see you there!


Category Sale | Whole30 Approved

Now through Saturday, 11/14, save 15% on everything in our Whole30 Approved category. Choose from a variety of whole, all-natural foods all approved by Whole30 for their program. Avoid lines at the grocery store...we'll deliver right to your door. Most orders are delivered within 24-48 hours after leaving our facility.


It Takes Guts | Organ Meat Cookbook

It is time to take your recipes to a new nutritionally-dense level! Featured Chef Ashleigh VanHouten's new cookbook, It Takes Guts, is just the collection of recipes you need. It Takes Guts features 75 nose to tail recipes for its readers to try. This cookbook is perfect for those new to offal recipes, as Ashleigh has made sure these recipes are delicious and easy! One lucky winner will receive a copy of It Takes Guts and a $150 Nose To Tail Prize Pack. Enter to win here


Shout Out | Primal Ribeye

Do you enjoy cutting your own steaks? If so, you may be interested in our Whole Primal options. Our primals give you the opportunity to cut your steaks, your way! USWM patron Denise shared the 11 steaks she cut from a Whole Primal Ribeye. These steaks are gorgeously cut and delicious! Check out Denise's picture for yourself on Instagram. It may inspire you to be your own butcher by trying our primals. 


Do you have an unboxing or favorite product, recipe, or kitchen tip to share with our readers? Tag us or include us (#uswellnessmeats or @uswellnessmeats) on your social media posts whenever you have a fresh new idea for a meal and we'll share with the rest of the community. Enjoy!




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Beef, Ground - 1 lb - 55% Lean - For Ketogenic Diets
Beef, Ground - 1 lb - 55% Lean - For Ketogenic Diets
Delmonico Steak - 14 oz.
Delmonico Steak - 14 oz.
Natural Smoked Pork Bratwurst - Sugar Free - five 0.25lb. sausages
Natural Smoked Pork Bratwurst - Sugar Free - five 0.25lb. sausages
Chicken Chorizo Sausage - 1 lb.
Chicken Chorizo Sausage - 1 lb.
Beef Gelatin - 14 oz
Beef Gelatin - 14 oz
Beef French BONE-IN Filet - 12-14 oz
Beef French BONE-IN Filet - 12-14 oz



Pasture Raised Turkeys Are Going Fast!

Our turkeys are raised on certified organic pastures with NO GMOs, NO Added Hormones, NO Herbicides, NO Pesticides, NO Junk!


82208 - Pasture Raised Whole Turkey (X-Large) - 20+ lbs




10809 - Beef, Ground 55% Lean with Beef Heart - 1 lb

12091 - Plain Slow Roasted Shredded Beef - 1 lb

70764 - Fresh Cut Pork Chops - 2 (6 oz) chops

160120 - Raw Sprouted Organic Almonds

160150 - Raw Sprouted Organic Walnuts

164402 - 72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar

164403 - Davao White Chocolate Bar

164405 - Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar

164407 - Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bar

Immune Boosting Foods To Help Fight The Flu


By Dr. Mercola


Almost everyone’s dealt with flu at some point, and it’s wise to know

what foods will help and what foods are actually hindrances.


To understand what to eat, consider both the symptoms and the source of your troubles in order to find a solution: Your body’s natural immune system needs to be supported while you work to combat the annoying and

sometimes painful symptoms that flu can bring...



whole primal, primal ribeye

Whole Primal Beef Ribeye


" I love it and will absolutely be buying again"




"This is a great product for multiple reasons. The quality of the meat is excellent, the price is reasonable, and you can cut your own size of steak based on your preference, which is easy and fun. I love it and will absolutely be buying again."


~ Justin

beef heart, grilled heart, offal

Photo & Recipe Courtesy of Ashleigh VanHouten

Easy Grilled Beef Heart


Recipe by: Ashleigh VanHouten


November Featured Chef Ashleigh VanHouten is always providing us with offal recipe inspiration. This time Ashleigh shares her Easy Grilled Beef Heart Recipe. Like most organ meats, beef heart is packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B2, B6, and B12. It is also rich in folate, iron, and zinc. Even if organ meat dishes aren’t your norm, have a little adventure and give this recipe a try! You may find that along with being nutritious it is delicious. 




grassfed steak

The flying saucer device left of center in this picture is actually a Purple Martin hotel. Purple Martins love flies and mosquitoes which are abundant in Missouri pastures. These cattle are enjoying a calm and sunny fall afternoon with plenty of grass under their feet. Contentment reigns in this glorious afternoon.


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