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grassfed beef

January 3, 2020    Canton, Missouri     




Dr. Mercola - The Effects of Biotin on Your Hair, Nails, and Thyroid


Recipe Corner - Braised Beef Short Rib Tacos


Product Feature - The 8 Primal Cuts of Beef - A Beginner's Guide


January Featured Chef - Meet Kevin Rutherford of Lets Truck


Enter To Win - $150 Nutritient Dense Food Giveaway


Pinterest - Recipes and More!


Total Transformation - USWM Staff Joins Kat James for a Total Transformation


New Sale Items - Beef Short Ribs, Beef Petite Sirloin, Beef Chuck Roast, Beef Coulotte Steak, Ground Bison, Suckling Roasting Pig


Category Sale - Whole30 Appoved


Shout Out - Spectacular Standing Rib Roast

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“Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.”


- Vince Lombardi, American Football Coach

A Thank You To Truck Drivers

It would be safe to say 2020 was the year of home delivery. Though it may seem like packages magically show up on our doorstep, we know there is a long line of hard workers that make the convenience possible. Truck drivers are behind-the-scenes heroes whose work helps so many. They haul everything from essential goods to Christmas presents, allowing us to end the year on a high note. They are a necessary part of our economy. This year they worked harder than ever to rise to the challenge, but did you know truck drivers have alarmingly high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease? When you think about their daily lives, two factors stand out; not only are they extremely busy, but they are also on the road for much of their time. Many of us can relate to taking a road trip and making poor dietary choices due to convenience. These essential workers deal with this choice almost daily. We are pleased to have Kevin Rutherford as our January Featured Chef. Kevin works to help truck drivers put health first with tips and tricks to have a whole diet, even on the road. He has assisted many drivers in losing weight and reversing metabolic diseases. We all can make the conscious decision this year to make the best choices for our health even when life seems too busy. Our body and mind will thank us.


We want to take a moment to thank our FedEx truck drivers for working hard and continuing to deliver delicious packages to our patrons. Their help made this unprecedented year possible.


Total Transformation | USWM Staff Joins Kat James For A Total Transformation

Here at USWM, we’ve been ahead of the curve on keto and paleo lifestyles, but Kat James’ personal health journey and observational research on leptin over 30 years, pre-dates most high-fat experts by decades and digs as deep as we’ve seen from a practical perspective. You may have read, here, about some of our customers’ truly inspiring cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s, Cushings, eating disorder, and other turnarounds after following James’ doctor-supervised, highly-individualized protocol (she makes no claims of course). We’ve been honored to be featured in her online and on-site Total Transformation® Programs for nearly two decades.


I have dabbled in her teachings with amazing results, but never dove deep into mastering them, without compromise, until September of this year. The result was another level of unprecedented physical changes. My already good sleep, stamina, and sharpness have reached a whole new level. Business colleagues I’ve known for years were struck by my changed appearance in a Zoom meeting a few weeks ago. My December 5th biofeedback test results showed my first perfect score in 10 years (biological age is 44!). My skin doc even commented on my weight and said my skin was the best he’s ever seen it. But the story doesn’t end there…


After noticing my metamorphosis, two of my staff jumped into James’ course in late October. In spite of their initial skepticisms due to past failures, their results surpassed all expectations. Between them, about fifty pounds melted off almost effortlessly, by their accounts, after years of struggle… in record time. More important were the digestive, hormonal, and mental changes. They look like different people. Their stories will be featured in a magazine article in the New Year and we’ll share more (including photos) in this newsletter next month. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about this incredible “biohack” that has transformed our lives check out James’ January course offerings, or hear Abby’s, Lisa’s, and my detailed live accounts on The Kat James Show on SiriusXM 131.


Product Feature | The 8 Primal Cuts of Beef - A Beginner's Guide

One of the first steps to making smarter choices with beef — whether from your local butcher or other cattle farm, is understanding what cuts come from where on a cow. Do you know the cuts of beef? If not, we have the perfect Beginner's Guide of the Eight Primal Cuts of Beef. There is a lot of jargon for meat, and this guide will give a simple breakdown of the cuts American butchers organize their cuts from. If you're looking to cut your steaks, save money on volume, buy in bulk for a large gathering, or buy wholesale for a restaurant, this is your first step to understanding the steer.


January 2021 Featured Chef | Kevin Rutherford

We are pleased to introduce our very first Featured Chef of 2021. Meet Kevin Rutherford! Kevin has been involved in the trucking industry his entire life buying his first truck at age 22. He soon became a Certified Financial Planner and used that experience to help other new business owners with money and taxes. After 20 years, Kevin was asked to help truck drivers with health as drivers have alarming statistics for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, he has helped thousands of drivers lose hundreds of thousands of pounds combined and reverse many metabolic diseases. Learn more about Kevin and his recipes on the Discover Blog.


Enter To Win | $150 Nutrient Dense Food Giveaway

We are kicking off the new year with a giveaway! Enter To Win the Nutrient Dense Prize Pack giveaway featuring Chef Kevin Rutherford's favorite products. A few delicious items included in this pack are Boneless Beef Short Ribs, Beef Summer Sausage, and Baby Back Pork Ribs


Pinterest | Eat Healthy Forum

If you haven't visited our Pinterest board, we invite you to check it out. We have a collection of useful pins on everything from Party Food and Healthy Holiday Food, to gut-healthy Bones and Broth. If you're on a Whole30 diet, we also have a plethora of Whole30 Approved recipes posted. Hope to see you there!


Category Sale | Whole30 Approved Favorites

Whole30 January is the perfect way to start a new year. Take the challenge and commit 30 days to better health. To help you have a successful start to the month, we are offering 15% off Whole-30 Approved favorites. Stock your freezer this week only! Sale ends 1/9. 


Shout Out | Spectacular Standing Rib Roast

One of our most showstopping products is our selection of standing rib roasts. They are not only photo-worthy but delicious! USWM patron Stuart (@stuartsmith.123) shared his spectacular standing rib roast with roasted vegetables. If you are interested in cooking up a roast of your own, we have various sizes to fit your needs. Our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished and never given any growth hormones or antibiotics. No need to worry about unnatural ingredients, just great flavor the way nature intended it to be. 


Do you have an unboxing or favorite product, recipe, or kitchen tip to share with our readers? Tag us or include us (#uswellnessmeats or @uswellnessmeats) on your social media posts, whenever you have a fresh new idea for a meal, and we'll share with the rest of the community. Enjoy!




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Beef Chuck Roast - 3 lbs
Beef Chuck Roast - 3 lbs
Beef Short Ribs - 1 lb.
Beef Short Ribs - 1 lb.
Petite Top Sirloin -  11 oz
Petite Top Sirloin - 11 oz
Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz.
Beef Coulotte Steak - 6 oz.
Ground Bison 95% Lean - 5 lbs
Ground Bison 95% Lean - 5 lbs
Small Roasting Pig - 16-22 lbs
Small Roasting Pig - 16-22 lbs




20201 - Lamb Rib Chops - 2 (6oz) chops (limited qty)

20207 - Lamb Tongues - 12 oz

20230 - Lamb Kabobs - 1 lb

20265 - Lamb Kidneys - 2/pkg (limited qty)

20270 - Lamb Liver - 1 lb (limited qty)

20285 - Lamb Oysters - 8 oz (limited qty)

31340 - Raw Grass-Fed Gouda Cheese - 10.5 oz (limited qty)

164502 - Paleo Treats® Mustang Bar - Granola Cookie

164505 - Paleo Treats® Cacao Now - Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar

12214 - Sugar Free Polish Kielbasa Beef Sausage FULLY COOKED - 1 lb pkg

12302 - Beef Snack Sticks Nitrate and MSG Free - 6 (1.25oz) sticks

12304 - Beef Snack Stick Ends - 8 oz pkg

87022 - Pasture-raised Duck Leg Quarters - 1.25 lbs avg

10008- Beef Oxtails - 1 lb

10019- Beef Heart - 1.25 lbs.

10871- Beef Large French Ribeye - 1.5lbs (20-24oz.)

77000- Pig Ears - 1.5 lbs

88007- Pasture-raised Chicken Thigh Pack - 1.0 lbs.

88015- Pasture-raised Chicken Feet - 1 lb. package

88020- Pasture-raised Bone-In, Skin-On Chicken Breast - 1.5 lbs.

88812- Pasture-raised Chicken Hearts - 1 lb

The Effects of Biotin on Your Hair, Nails, and Thyroid


By Dr. Mercola


Your body uses vitamins for normal cell functioning; Essential vitamins must be consumed because they cannot be manufactured by the cells. Vitamins are grouped into two categories: fat soluble and water soluble.1 The fat soluble types get stored in fatty tissue and absorbed when eaten with dietary fat.



standing rib roast, grass fed beef

Standing Rib Roast - 3.2 lbs


"Really Really Great, Worth Every Single Dime"




"We've ordered this roast a number of times since we started using US Wellness. It has never disappointed. It's easy to roast, has exceptional flavor every single time. It's a pricey roast (although it can be more expensive if purchased locally) but worth every single dime."


~ Lisa, Oregon

beef short ribs, tacos

Photo & Recipe Courtesy of Kevin Rutherford

Braised Beef Short Rib Tacos


Recipe by: Kevin Rutherford


Tacos are such a fan-favorite they have earned a day of the week. For your next Taco Tuesday, we recommend you give these delicious Braised Beef Short Rib Tacos a try! This recipe is courtesy of January 2021 Featured Chef Kevin Rutherford. Using US Wellness Meats Pasture-Raised, 100% Grass-Fed Beef Short Ribs is sure to wow those joining you for dinner. 


A special thank you to Kevin for sharing this yummy recipe. As our January Featured Chef, Kevin will be sharing recipes all month long. You can read more about him and his recipes on the Discover Blog




grassfed steak

Mother cows with fall calves at their sides are soaking up sunshine before Old Man Winter arrived midweek. It's always amazing how quick baby calves get up to speed in the growth curve. The mother will teach the calf within 30 days on where the best nutrition comes from and plants to avoid.These animals are very smart when it comes to the high energy portions of plants to consume first when the managed grazing season is in full swing. By moving the animals daily they can stay in prime
nutrition daily with long rested pastures to select the cream of the crop. December is a different story, but stock piled forage is of better quality than meets the eye. Stored sugars are released on frosty mornings. Working with nature is much easier than working against nature.


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